a non-diet approach to body recomposition, designed to guide you towards your fitness goals effortlessly and sustainably.

  • TRAINING: a progressive home training programme, adjustable and easy to follow (no equipment needed, with optional add-ins)

  • NUTRITION: a non-diet approach to eating for your "goals" (fat loss & muscle gain). balanced meals & styles of eating 

  • EDUCATIONcomprehensive 
    educational section focused on helping you rebuild your mindset towards training, eating, and your body. you'll be provided with the tools for body recomposition, building muscle, and learn how to maintain a healthy physique without being constrained by restrictive diets or mindsets.

What's included?

What is body recomposition?

the careful balance between building muscle and losing fat at the same time. it's a plan designed to help you build a strong, lean body, effortlessly.

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Body Recomp Guide


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I'm a fully qualified personal trainer with years of experience in helping women achieve maintainable fitness results. I specialise in a sustainable approach to fat-loss and body recomposition, helping hundreds of women regain their confidence and redefine their relationship with food and their bodies.