The non-diet approach to body recomposition: fat loss & muscle gain



Think about every diet you've ever been on, ever.

Are you still on it? Probably not.

Did you achieve what you wanted from it?

Did your results last? Or did you start another diet, in the hope of this time... it really working..?

Are you confused and unsure whether you should be building muscle or cutting fat?

Do you get frustrated and bored and find training and dieting difficult to sustain?

Fed up of missing social occasions?


This handbook is different.


It's not a quick fix fat-loss plan which will slash your calories and make you spend 45 minutes doing burpees every day.


This plan is about education, sustainable results, and enjoying your life while achieving both strength based and aesthetic goals.


What REBUILD includes and aims to achieve:

- 6 week structured home training and nutrition plan, with a progressive training stimulus tailored specifically to your goals and preferences (no equipment needed, but light weight options & clever alternatives are offered)

- The tools to continue to developing your training plan after the 6 weeks

- Non-diet: comprehensive guidance on rebuilding your mindset toward exercise and food

- Guidance 24/7, all questions answered within 24h

- Suitable for all levels



- No equipment needed

- This is a one-off payment

- Plan emailed immediately: check junk and SAVE your file

- Available internationally

- Guide price in GBP, currency conversion to your currency is automatic at checkout


- Not recommended to anyone suffering from a medical condition

- I can not offer plans to anyone who is pregnant

- Each download is individually watermarked for copyright purposes to prevent redistribution

Body Recomp Guide