A home training guide tailored towards body recomposition and growing glutes. Easy to follow, educational, and challenging.


What this plan includes:

- 6 week structured home training plan, with a progressive training stimulus focusing specifically on glutes, but takes a full body approach (no equipment needed, but light weight options & clever alternatives are offered)

-Nutrition: comprehensive guidance on rebuilding your mindset toward exercise and food, how to track calories healthily, what foods to eat 

- Training FAQ: when to train, when to rest

- Suitable for all levels



- No equipment needed

- This is a one-off payment

- Plan emailed immediately: check junk and SAVE your file

- Available internationally

- Guide price in GBP, currency conversion to your currency is automatic at checkout


- Not recommended to anyone suffering from a medical condition

- I can not offer plans to anyone who is pregnant

- Each download is individually watermarked for copyright purposes to prevent redistribution

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