A 10 chapter eBook designed to help guide you away from the restrictive and exhausting process of dieting, providing you with a sustainable approach to reaching your fitness & wellness goals.


This is an introductory guide filled with the tools you need to work on removing food guilt, achieve your physique goals effortlessly, which aims to teach you how to fuel your body for wellness & strength.


This book is for you if:

  • You want to feel free around food, instead of guilty and obsessive (especially in social situations)
  • Want to learn how to have a healthy "balance" and improve your mentality towards food
  • Want to learn how to be "healthier" without counting calories or weighing food 
  • Don't want to feel like you're constantly falling "on and off" track
  • Want to learn how to intutively eat (aka: stop eating a bag of cookies when you feel full)
  • Learn how to improve your digestive and gut health through food


What's included:

  • My experience and how I maintain my physique without dieting
  • Education: What's a diet? Is dieting healthy? Why do diets fail?
  • The non-diet approach to eating for weightloss
  • Redefining how you see food
  • How to overcome bingeing 
  • How to improve your gut health and digestion


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Ditch your diet: an introduction to sustainable weightloss

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