It's all worth it

First, it’s lose 3kg. Then it’s lose another 3kg because the first bit of weight didn’t come off the “way you wanted it to”. Fuck it, lets aim for another 3 more KG, that’ll do the trick! Then I’ll finally be happy. yes. ah, I can see it now! The future me, finally happy. I can be content with everything ☺️ i’ll be able to go out with my pals and I’ll just be like, walking around with an untouchable air of confidence and happiness and glow??? Men will FLOCK to me! Women will be ENVIOUS of my RADIANCE! Just a few more KG’s to go! Amazing. Can’t wait!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Can’t wait. can’t wait. can’t wait. can’t wait. Just a few more months of 5am starts to make that spin class I‘m too tired to go to, and saying no to prosecco at weekends. Just a few more weeks of eating calorie free jelly for dessert every night because its not very fitness to “give into your cravings”!! Just a few more purges and sessions of self loathing, and maybe even some crying, after a few more accidental “binges” (oopsie!). Ah, I can’t wait 🥰 ⠀⠀

Just a few more weeks of lifting up my top *everytime* I walk past my mirror, just to check! I mean, I guess it’s a bit exhausting right now.. but kinda exciting!!!? It’ll be great when I don’t have to poke my stomach to check for abs. Honestly I can’t wait. I guess it’d be nice to finally stop being obsessed with instagram too? and how everyone looks on here. it’d be.. kinda refreshing?

Yeah I guess it would. but that’s for the future me! Future me will stop zooming into that girls sculpted quads 24/7 because future me will be SO content with how I look :) I guess it’s pretty time consuming right now, come to think of it. pretty time consuming to have to tell my colleagues that I’ve already eaten today, even though I haven’t, so I have an excuse to decline the free pizza they’re offering. Pretty time consuming to work out when I’ll have time to burn off the food I ate at my dad’s bday, cos I just couldn’t say no to the celebrations this year.

So yeah, I guess I really can’t wait. I really can’t wait for that. Just a few more kg’s! It’s all worth it? Right?