Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Isn’t it exhausting. To be active and healthy with a fit body you’re comfortable with (whatever that means) but also be a sociable and fun and kind friend who responds to all of her emails on time and rings her parents regularly while doing lots of OUTGOING soCiAbLe things like going on dates because, well, we’re in our youth, and that’s what us carefree single millennial folk should be doing!!!! Amirite!!!! All of the sex!!!

But also to be a faultless strong independent woke queen bcos #feminism. But don’t be too full on! Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Make sure you’re super cool and chill and easy going but not TOO ~easy going~ because BOUNDARIES are SO important. Respect your mental energy babes!

And did I mention that going out and drinking a shit tonne is normal these days?

Go to work drinks and strawpedo bottles of wine every night and RSVP to all of the things! Woohoo! Life and soul of the party!!!!

But you better ensure you’re on time to be productive tomorrow morning because #girlboss and #thegrindneverstops SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK ANd fuck it, let’s all just eat the bloody donuts because life’s too short but don’t you dare eat too many because you might actually gain weight!! And wouldn’t that be the worst thing in the world hey??

And by the way if you neglect your gut health you’re basically gonna die so you better make sure you eat clean and healthy… but don’t post it to Instagram. Christ no, #cleaneating is SO 2015 and SO #cancelled haven’t you heard???

Keep up darling!!!!!